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Mystery in Marketing: Advertising and You, Part III

28 Jul

All right, all right, confession time.  Take a deep breath.  Somebody pass me my whiskey; I need to fortify myself for this.  Okay, here goes.

I am not as smart as I think I am.

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We Are Family: Top Three Dysfuntional Relations

4 Feb

All right, all right, I know some of you loyal readers out there are going to accuse me of being a pony with only a handful of tricks to my name, and I’d probably agree with you if I cared at all for having my job explained to me by the people who return day after day despite their griping about recycled jokes and tired content and MS Paint. But I have to say this three-part blog template is vastly preferable to rattling on ad nauseum for two or three thousand words about the same story, and if you search your feelings, young Padawan, I’m sure you’ll come around to my way of thinking.

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Transit Lullabye: TTC Blames Customers For Sleeping Employee

22 Jan

I’m not usually one to beat a dead horse, but this one just got up and kicked the people of this city in the collective junk, so I’m pulling out the Louisville Slugger to finish this fucker off once and for all.

This morning, a photo taken by TTC customer Jason Wieler (who has since become a personal hero of mine) went viral the world over.  In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the picture:

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Another Toronto Transit Fail: Discount Metropasses Not Worth The Trouble

13 Jan

Believe it or not, my friends, the real-life Alex James differs in some fundamental ways from the Alex James you’ve come to know and love here at State of Affairs. Specifically, I’m not nearly as angry as I might make myself out to be on this blog. Oh sure, I care about the things I write – no doubt about it. But I like to think of my persona on SoA, if you can call it that, as “me with the volume cranked to eleven”. That is to say, it comes off to people who know me that I’m over-exaggerating my fury about certain issues on the page as opposed to how I might deal with them in person. And those people wouldn’t be wrong. Let’s face it – nobody wants to read a bland, middle-of-the-road take on a social issue, least of all me, so I try to crank the angst when it’s appropriate.

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State of Affairs 2009 Blog Wrap-Up

31 Dec

December 31st; according to our widely-accepted calendar, in twelve short hours we will see 2009 out the door and into the annals of history, where it will join the countless other years in our culture’s past that weren’t really all that important. Of course that’s not true – every year is important to somebody, regardless whether anything particularly noteworthy went on in the grand scale. For example: 2009 will always hold a special place in my heart as the year my literary genius was finally recognized – on June 15th of this year I started writing for State of Affairs, and by July 23rd, Jim stepped down as head writer and handed me the reins. Since then our readership has grown into the hundreds and even thousands per day, and the success of the blog has allowed me to make inroads into new and exciting projects for the coming year.

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Ad-ultery: Ashley Madison To Advertise With TTC

11 Dec

“Adultery: noun – voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse.”

Thanks, dictionary.com, for that extremely whitewashed definition of what might just qualify as the most terrible thing you can do to somebody.

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TTC, The Costly Way: Fare Hike Expected for 2010

11 Nov

You know something? I’ve lived in this fair city on and off for the last twenty-five years, and let me tell you what – I love it. I love every inch of it from the Beaches to Chinatown to the Lakeshore to North York where I grew up. I’ve been to a lot of places in my life, and as cliche as it sounds, there’s just no place like Toronto. Best city in the world, if you ask me.

toronto skyline


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