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Dork Attends Stewart and Colbert’s Historic Rally (SOA Guest Post)

12 Nov

Hello friends.  As usual my duties as Prince of the Internet are eating up absolutely all of my time, but this is why I maintain a cadre of Correspondents to do my dirty work for me and keep you entertained.  Today State of Affairs brings you the story of one geek on a trek to restore sanity and/or fear with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Correspondent Will Perkins serves up his experiences at the rally.  Will can usually be found editing and contributing to the fantastic nerd-themed blog DorkShelf, so when you’re done here, go check him out there.   Without further ado, we proudly present…

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3 Bizarre Energy Technologies That Are Also Awesome (SOA Post 200!)

3 Sep

Today is a big day, my dear readers.  You’ve been with me through trials and tribulations aplenty over the last year and a bit: together we’ve taken on just about every major cultural institution that warrants my considerable attention, and I love you all dearly for it.  Which is why I’m proud to inform you that today marks State of Affairs’ 200th official post.  You may now commence celebration.

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The Report of Alex James’ Death Is An Exaggeration

14 Aug

My friends and loyal readers: I am not dead.

I have been hard at work on a number of projects, many of them musical, but one of them textual.  Yes, I AM WRITING A BOOK.  Look excited; it incites me to work.

I don’t know what the future of this blog is going to hold, at present moment, and I wish I could tell you. But as it stands right now I have a lot of flaming eggs in the air and my hands are coated in kerosene.  So you’ll understand my reluctance to catch them in a wicker basket.

In the meantime, I wanted to touch base with each and every one of you, to thank you once again for your continued readership and to assure you that something amazing is coming your way, as soon as I can hatch it.  All right, I’ll quit with the egg metaphor.  But please do stick around, and tell your friends about my enormous, throbbing archive.  ARCHIVE.

I love each of you dearly, insofar as my withered little heart can accommodate.

Mystery in Marketing: Advertising and You, Part III

28 Jul

All right, all right, confession time.  Take a deep breath.  Somebody pass me my whiskey; I need to fortify myself for this.  Okay, here goes.

I am not as smart as I think I am.

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Time for a Sexy Party: Naughty Canada Coalition Advocates Red Light District

6 Jul

Thanks to the lovely long weekend afforded Canadians, I had a fair bit of time on my hands over the last few days, so I spent it wandering around Toronto. It’s relaxing and it gets me out of the dark, oppressive hovel I live in, so I figured it was worth braving the smog. But when I was walking down Queen Street this caught my eye:

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Oddly Enough in June: Miley’s Brazilian, Insane Germans and the G20

25 Jun

Well cripes and begorrah, friends, hasn’t it been an interesting few days? I’d say it has, and frankly I’ve got a lot to nail down here, so bear with me. Of all the months for which I’ve done an “oddly enough” post this month has to take the proverbial cake. Got some doozies for you courtesy of the Strangest June in History.

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Food For Thought

28 May

Oh, my poor maligned readers.  Please feel free to forward all your hate mail to alexjames@state-of-affairs.com dealing with my absurdly long leave of absence.  I promise there’s a good excuse, even though I can’t really put my finger on what it is.  I have a very detailed article coming up about my recent foray to Merry Olde England, but it’s taking me way longer than I wanted it to, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to soldier on a little longer without your daily dose of Uncle Alex.

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