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State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards, Part II

22 Nov

Good morning friends, and welcome back to Monday here at State of Affairs.  Today, Lu Galasso (of Inching Towards Mediocrity) and yours truly are continuing our castigation/mockery/sometimes serious take on this year’s People’s Choice Awards.  Friday we tackled the hilariously-underperforming Movie category, in which I was called out for electing Robert Downey Jr. as king of everything without having seen Iron Man 2.  To my detractors I say this: I couldn’t get my hands on that movie, so I rewatched Sherlock Holmes and my decision stands.  Too bad for you.

Anyway, on to part two: TELEVISION!  (Disclaimer: once again, my votes are going to be skewed a bit because I don’t really watch television, but given the choices in most of the categories, I’m going to assume whoever runs the PCAs doesn’t really watch television either.)

Straight pimpin'.

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The Awesome Is Afoot: SOA Reviews Sherlock Holmes

17 Feb

I’m aware that I’m probably the last horse to cross the finish line on this subject, but contrary to popular belief I do have a life outside the confines of this blog – not much of one, mind you, but I try to get out when I can, and very rarely do those activities include a trip to the theater.  Too often I’ve been let down by movies over-hyped by friends and colleagues to the point where, upon watching them, I’m left with a profound feeling of disappointment when I spend twelve to fifteen hard-earned dollars only to be treated to forty minutes worth of commercials and trailers (first one bad, second one good) followed by two hours of sub-par entertainment in an environment remarkably akin to a monkey cage at the zoo.  And the monkeys have cell phones.

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