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Bizzare Search Terms: 2011 Edition

28 Jun

So now that I’m back in the fold I’ve been watching some of the things that random people search for that bring them to State of Affairs.  A while back, my former partner-in-crime Alex James wrote about this very same topic.  I’ve been looking through the archives and there’s some even stranger stuff, 2 years later.

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State of Affairs Versus the People’s Choice Awards, Part I

19 Nov

Welcome back dear readers.  Yes, it’s actually me – the prodigal son of State of Affairs has returned, albeit briefly, to titillate your hate-bone once again.

My good friend Lu Galasso of Inching Towards Mediocrity, who has generously donated his time in the past while doing guest posts for SoA, informed me this morning that voting has opened for this year’s People’s Choice Awards.  For the uninitiated, the PCAs are sort of a poor man’s Oscars, Grammies and Golden Globes rolled into one – with all the pomp and circumstance that entails, no doubt.  Reading through the nominations, we found (somewhat unsurprisingly) we share a mutual distaste for most things pop-culture.  And then, after a few whiskies, we got to thinking – hey!  We’re blog writers!  Blogs exist for the express purpose of inundating the internet with our jaded opinions!  Let’s do a post on the People’s Choice Awards and give people the serious skinny on what’s good and what sucks!

Yup, just like these guys.

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Epic Mickey = Epic Fail? Disney to Reboot Famous Mouse

5 Nov

I’m beginning to think people are starting to pay attention to me, if only in an attempt to piss me off.

piss me off

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Arkans-Law: Legislature Changes Address Only Symptoms

4 Aug

Welcome back readers; I hope this lovely Tuesday morning finds you rested and refreshed from your long weekend (if you’re Canadian at least) because I’ve got some serious shit to talk about this morning: namely, the law.

sylvester stallone judge dredd

Every morning I scan the internet headlines for interesting stuff to talk about. The stuff that catches my eye is usually one of two types: silly or frightening. Sometimes it’s both – today is one of those times.

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