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State of Affairs Versus the People’s Choice Awards, Part I

19 Nov

Welcome back dear readers.  Yes, it’s actually me – the prodigal son of State of Affairs has returned, albeit briefly, to titillate your hate-bone once again.

My good friend Lu Galasso of Inching Towards Mediocrity, who has generously donated his time in the past while doing guest posts for SoA, informed me this morning that voting has opened for this year’s People’s Choice Awards.  For the uninitiated, the PCAs are sort of a poor man’s Oscars, Grammies and Golden Globes rolled into one – with all the pomp and circumstance that entails, no doubt.  Reading through the nominations, we found (somewhat unsurprisingly) we share a mutual distaste for most things pop-culture.  And then, after a few whiskies, we got to thinking – hey!  We’re blog writers!  Blogs exist for the express purpose of inundating the internet with our jaded opinions!  Let’s do a post on the People’s Choice Awards and give people the serious skinny on what’s good and what sucks!

Yup, just like these guys.

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Hollywood: Where Has All The Creativity Gone?

28 Sep

Hello friends, and welcome back to your work day. I assume that’s why you’re here – trying to escape the drudgery of your boring-ass job by reading some of my brilliant and clever insights to pass the time. I find it entertaining to come up with new and exciting material for your enjoyment day after day; I think it’s my responsibility as a blog writer to be at least somewhat entertaining.

Too bad Hollywood doesn’t share the same work ethic.


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One, Two, Freddy’s Gonna Be Brand New

18 Aug

As the fanfare fades, I take my place at the metaphorical podium. Yes, dear readers, I have returned from self-imposed exile. Thanks to the ministrations of the Compound’s on-site medical advisor Doctor Rob, my throat was back in tip-top shape just in time for me to play the show I was booked for this weekend.

dr rob

I will now pause for a second round of applause.

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The Horror! or, Modern Film and the Roman Empire

20 Jul

I wish I could tell you it was a good morning, but as of this writing it’s 9:45 on Monday and I just got back from two days’ worth of baby showers. I’m nursing a slight hangover and the horrendously sub-par gyro dinner I had last night is conspiring with the Coronas and the rye in the dark corners of my stomach, in preparation for a violent uprising. I’m halfway though my shitty corner-store coffee and it’s not improving matters – in fact, I’m reasonably sure the coffee is clandestinely providing the rebellious contents of my guts with black-market armaments. In short, showing up to my quarters at the Compound this morning is not nearly as enjoyable as several thousand other things I might be doing right now. And since I’m such a generous guy, I’m going to share a little piece of my radiating hostility with you, my valued readers. To warm up your rage organs, I give you this. Watch it all the way through:

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