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Bizzare Search Terms: 2011 Edition

28 Jun

So now that I’m back in the fold I’ve been watching some of the things that random people search for that bring them to State of Affairs.  A while back, my former partner-in-crime Alex James wrote about this very same topic.  I’ve been looking through the archives and there’s some even stranger stuff, 2 years later.

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Nigeria = Fail

22 Sep

Well folks, it’s been a brutal two months in the ghettos of South Africa.  The Fixer had me on assignment to broker a deal with some Dutch land owners in Johannesburg to build a few villas in preparation for the World Cup next year.  Unfortunately, they weren’t the land owner anymore, and I ended up having to barter with some Zulus on PCP.  I gotta say, South Africa is a pretty fucked up place.  There’s two things I hate in this world: racial intolerance, and the Dutch- and this country is stocked full of both.  But by god, they’ve got sweet toques.


(don’t ask why they even have toques in South Africa)

So what does this have to do with anything?  I’ll tell you:  District 9.

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