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State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards, Part II

22 Nov

Good morning friends, and welcome back to Monday here at State of Affairs.  Today, Lu Galasso (of Inching Towards Mediocrity) and yours truly are continuing our castigation/mockery/sometimes serious take on this year’s People’s Choice Awards.  Friday we tackled the hilariously-underperforming Movie category, in which I was called out for electing Robert Downey Jr. as king of everything without having seen Iron Man 2.  To my detractors I say this: I couldn’t get my hands on that movie, so I rewatched Sherlock Holmes and my decision stands.  Too bad for you.

Anyway, on to part two: TELEVISION!  (Disclaimer: once again, my votes are going to be skewed a bit because I don’t really watch television, but given the choices in most of the categories, I’m going to assume whoever runs the PCAs doesn’t really watch television either.)

Straight pimpin'.

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Mystery in Marketing: Advertising and You, Part III

28 Jul

All right, all right, confession time.  Take a deep breath.  Somebody pass me my whiskey; I need to fortify myself for this.  Okay, here goes.

I am not as smart as I think I am.

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The Awesome Is Afoot: SOA Reviews Sherlock Holmes

17 Feb

I’m aware that I’m probably the last horse to cross the finish line on this subject, but contrary to popular belief I do have a life outside the confines of this blog – not much of one, mind you, but I try to get out when I can, and very rarely do those activities include a trip to the theater.  Too often I’ve been let down by movies over-hyped by friends and colleagues to the point where, upon watching them, I’m left with a profound feeling of disappointment when I spend twelve to fifteen hard-earned dollars only to be treated to forty minutes worth of commercials and trailers (first one bad, second one good) followed by two hours of sub-par entertainment in an environment remarkably akin to a monkey cage at the zoo.  And the monkeys have cell phones.

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State of Affairs LIVE: Part II with Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff

27 Jan

State of Affairs LIVE is back with part two of my interview with Brent Chittenden and Adam Grant of Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff.  Thanks to everyone who downloaded part one; the response to the podcast has been overwhelmingly positive, and as a result the Fixer has given me leave to keep doing this into the forseeable future.  I’ll announce my next guest when I have him or her booked for certain, but trust me – if I get the people I want to get, you’re going to be well and thoroughly entertained.

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State of Affairs LIVE featuring Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff

25 Jan

As promised, you are about to make the transition from “loyal readers” to “loyal listeners” thanks to a new addition to the State of Affairs experience. It gives me great pride to announce the first episode of SoA LIVE, featuring an interview with Brent Chittenden and Adam Grant of the popular podcast Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff.

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Fan Expo 2009: Alex James Talks to Con Girls, Part II

2 Sep

Welcome back, dear readers, to part two of our epic journey through the Nerd Kingdom that was Fan Expo 2009 this past weekend at the Toronto Metro Convention Center.  If you missed it, check out part one here.

To recap: I spent the weekend in the press room of the Convention Center, running home base for Brent and Adam of Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff as they put together their Fan Expo podcast.  They ran around getting interviews and generally having a good time; I watched the gear and took care of associated issues.  But in the interest of getting a fresh perspective on con-going (since I’ve never been to one) they did let me out now and again. The following is a description of our interactions with con people.

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Fan Expo 2009: Alex James Gets His Con On, Part I

1 Sep

Welcome back, friends and readers, to a very special, multi-part edition of State of Affairs. I had originally intended this post to be a single entry, but given how long and interesting (I hope) it’s gotten, I’ve decided to put it up piece-by-piece in an effort to avoid posting War and Peace – and also, hopefully, to encourage you people to keep coming back. Because I’m putting it up in bits, I’m also going to do something I would normally never do: use headers to denote where we are in the story. Bear with me, it’s an experiment. So here it is: part one of my epic journey to Fan Expo 2009.

fan expo

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