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The Awesome NEW BIBLE! (SoA Guest Post)

23 Sep

Hello again, loyal readers. I’m currently away from the Compound for a photo shoot that’s unrelated to anything I do here at State of Affairs, but in the interest of giving you something fun and/or educational to read today (you know, because you always come here for educational purposes) I’ve enlisted my Correspondent, the Reverend Dwight Q. Fitch, to tell you about his incredible new publication. (ed. note: Reverend Dwight Q. Fitch may or may not be an ordained minister. I didn’t ask. I don’t want to know.) So enjoy this Thursday’s SoA Guest Blog, and have a great weekend.

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Tipping: Rules of Engagement

13 Oct

Here it is folks, another fantastic guest post from our buddy Julian at Comedy Landfill.  Listen to this wise man, my loyal readers, for he has something very important to tell you.


How You Should Tip From Now On

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