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State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards, Part III

23 Nov

Forty-four categories is far too much for something as fundamentally lame as the People’s Choice Awards, Lu and I have decided, but we’re married to this idea now, so we’re obligated to finish it.  So here it is: the final installment of State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards.  Today: MUSIC AND EVERYTHING ELSE THEY COULDN’T FIND A CATEGORY FOR.

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Black Eyed Peas – An Analysis of Hypocrisy

20 Jul


Back when I was in college, there was a little song that didn’t really get a lot of play called “BEP Empire”. It was all about the state of hip hop and how everyone was selling out. The song’s video reminded me a lot “What They Do“, by The Roots- another great song commenting on the state of hip hop. I’d never heard of Black Eyed Peas before, and discovered that they were a pretty solid band. You can’t beat catchy hooks, slick jazzy funk beats and conscious hip hop lyrics. It was right up my alley. Now I look at them and ask myself “what the hell happened?” How did this band with so much potential for greatness degrade into one of the biggest sellout artists of the century? The article below is a look at the Black Eyed Peas and their rise from a small conscious hip hop groups to a super pop/dance quartet. It’s definitely one of the most bizarre evolutions I’ve ever seen, and angers me every time I think about it.

BEP had been around since 95, but didn’t get signed on until 3 years later. They were a trio that used their different backgrounds (african, latin, phillipino) to fuse together a jazzy sound that was unique to them. Their first single got little to no airplay, but was all about bringing back some class to hip hop.

From “Head Bobs”:

Nowadays brothers are getting paid doing nothing
Reciting the same line with the lame rhymes
frontin rappers actin like their pops’ was Orville Redenbacher
They quick to go pop

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Music Club: Sweatshop Union

13 Apr

So as I sit in anticipation for the new k-os album out tomorrow, I thought I’d give a shout out to another Canadian hip hop group, Sweatshop Union.

If you’ve never head of them before, they are actually 4 different groups banded together to make awesome beats and rhymes. Highly political and hard hitting, these guys have been making slick joints since 2001.

Here’s a track off of their most recent album, the 23 track “Water Street”, which came out last year.

New k-os Album, Yes! To Be Released March 31st.

27 Feb

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love k-os.  Ever since his first album, Exit came out 10 years ago, I’ve been hooked on his style and his ability to take a genre of music and show the world it’s potential.  Ever since then, he’s been taking hip hop to a higher level in attempts to expolore it’s full spectrum.  

Here’s the first single from Yes!  4-3-2-1.  It’s pretty good for a single.  Nothing will ever beat Crabbuckit though.

Also, if you’re interested, Indaba Music has been running a contest all year where you can take the acappella versions of k-os’ new songs and remix them using the beats from the same record. It’s pretty cool. Unfortunately the contest is over, but you can hear the winners (picked by k-os himself) who’s tracks will be on the Yes! companion album. They’re pretty cool.

Joaquin Phoenix has lost his mind

12 Feb

I’m not sure what to think. It looks like the whole interview is a set up considering that Joaquin takes his glasses off at the end and says “good job” to Letterman. Either way, Joaquin Phoenix has gone off the deep end. Gone are the days of the pretty boy actor who could get any role he wanted and now are the wannabe hobo white rapper ones. Good luck buddy, you’re going to need it.

I’m curious what Joaquin Phoenix is going to rap about? Waiting too long in line at Starbucks? Being pissed off about having a tear in his new Gucci shirt? Seriously? What the hell does he have to rap about? If he decides to do political rap, he’s going to get his ass kicked. He’s probably going to get his ass kicked regardless. He’s a rich white guy now rapper. Get real.

Music Club – Eat Healthy

18 Dec

Along with the general commentary of whatever’s going on in the world, I’m also going to post things that I’m generally interested in.  I’m a big fan of concious hip hop and there’s a lot of great artists out there that don’t get the airplay that they deserve.  One of those artists is Dead Prez.   While DP has been around for a few years, only a few of their songs have caught on or gone remotely mainstream.  Here’s a track from their first album, Let’s Get Free.