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A Book To Help You Reevaluate Your Crappy Job

20 Jan

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a job they enjoy as much as I enjoy mine.  Yes, in addition to my responsibilities as Prince of the Internet, I extend my considerable talents into multiple fields: I also operate as a freelance writer and editor-for-hire, a sometime roadie and a moonlighting musician.  It’s not so glamorous as it sounds, but I do know a lot of you, dear readers, would probably skin somebody alive for the chance to pursue the things you love to do, so many of you would count me blessed to do what I love every day.

My question to you is this: why aren’t you doing the same thing?

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Fahrenheit 416: Toronto School Board Advocates Banning Harper Lee?

5 Oct

*ALEX JAMES UPDATE: See additional comments at the end of this article addressing new developments*

Crisp autumn weather? Check. Tasty Irish Cream coffee? Check. Impending head cold due to barometric pressure change? Check. Healthy dose of righteous indignation courtesy of reading ten seconds of news? Double-fucking-check.

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Nerd Rising: I.T. School Teaches Social Skills to Tech Students

16 Sep

Well, I made it home in one piece, thankfully without the walk I was expecting. My crisp new pay cheque found its home in my bank account and I’m once again on top of my world, despite some pretty unpleasant feedback on yesterday’s post. The castigation levelled upon me by you, my dear readers, is today nothing more than fodder for mild amusement on my part, but once upon a time sentiments like “eat shit and die” or “quit whining and read a book” would have crushed what tenuous grasp I held on the concept of self-worth. For you see, my friends and critics, I was once a walking stereotype; a bespectacled and buck-toothed partaker in Magic tournaments and fantasy role-play; a reciter of Monty Python quotes and an avid fan of all things Star Trek. Yes, I was a nerd.


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