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Mystery in Marketing: Advertising and You, Part III

28 Jul

All right, all right, confession time.  Take a deep breath.  Somebody pass me my whiskey; I need to fortify myself for this.  Okay, here goes.

I am not as smart as I think I am.

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Italians are Awesome – Berlusconi Sex Scandal Gets Even Better

24 Jul

You know, I wasn’t going to write about this issue. Sex scandals as a general rule are very boring. It’s always the same shit: politician gets his rocks off thanks to intern/escort/secret male love interest, politician is flayed alive by the hypocritical conservative press, politician delivers obligatory apology and either leaves office or continues on with his presidency. Alpha and omega. Every once in a while, however, a scandal surfaces so patently ridiculous in its scope that it cannot escape my attention. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Silvio Berlusconi.

silvio berlusconi

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