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State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards, Part III

23 Nov

Forty-four categories is far too much for something as fundamentally lame as the People’s Choice Awards, Lu and I have decided, but we’re married to this idea now, so we’re obligated to finish it.  So here it is: the final installment of State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards.  Today: MUSIC AND EVERYTHING ELSE THEY COULDN’T FIND A CATEGORY FOR.

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The Awesome NEW BIBLE! (SoA Guest Post)

23 Sep

Hello again, loyal readers. I’m currently away from the Compound for a photo shoot that’s unrelated to anything I do here at State of Affairs, but in the interest of giving you something fun and/or educational to read today (you know, because you always come here for educational purposes) I’ve enlisted my Correspondent, the Reverend Dwight Q. Fitch, to tell you about his incredible new publication. (ed. note: Reverend Dwight Q. Fitch may or may not be an ordained minister. I didn’t ask. I don’t want to know.) So enjoy this Thursday’s SoA Guest Blog, and have a great weekend.

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SOA Top Five Comedic Personalities featuring Inching Towards Mediocrity

10 Feb

My dear readers, I was born to be – or attempt to be – a funny guy, as some of you might have noticed. I will go to extraordinary lengths, often risking life and limb, for the benefit of a cheap laugh. Engendering amusement in others is like crack to me, as long as they’re laughing with me and not at me – but anything in a pinch, really. I guess what I’m really doing here is coming out of the closet as a total attention whore: I crave the spotlight and I crave external validation, so the two go neatly hand-in-glove with trying to be clever.

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The Boat That Rocked Pirate Radio, And Me: Movie Review

9 Dec

You know, I’m not typically into doing movie reviews, though I do periodically enjoy prophesying about upcoming films. Every once in a while, however, a movie comes along that just didn’t get the recognition it deserved, and I feel it’s my job as something of a pop-culture guru to comment on it here, because all of you need to see it. All of you. Need.

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Facebook: The cause of and solution to all of life’s doldrums

6 Nov

So I got a call from the Fixer today telling me that Alex has disappeared.  Probably in some ditch with a case of James Ready and a vicious hangover.  So here’s Julian, filling in.


Ahh Facebook. Facebook has to be the crack, nay, the crystal meth of the internet, and we’re playing the part of Andre Agassi. Facebook is certainly one of the most successful internet applications of all time, and part of the reason it has been so successful is that it has taken all of the best elements of social networking and blended them into a very user-friendly interface. That, and everyone you know uses it. In the first few years of its existence, it has sapped virtually all of the market share away from its competitors (see: Myspace, Livejournal), and does not appear to be releasing its deathgrip on the internet any time soon. The only hot application that seems to be rivalling Facebook for social media supremacy over the past year has been Twitter, and that’s a small drop in the pot compared to the Facebook juggernaut.

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Tipping: Rules of Engagement

13 Oct

Here it is folks, another fantastic guest post from our buddy Julian at Comedy Landfill.  Listen to this wise man, my loyal readers, for he has something very important to tell you.


How You Should Tip From Now On

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