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State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards, Part III

23 Nov

Forty-four categories is far too much for something as fundamentally lame as the People’s Choice Awards, Lu and I have decided, but we’re married to this idea now, so we’re obligated to finish it.  So here it is: the final installment of State of Affairs Versus The People’s Choice Awards.  Today: MUSIC AND EVERYTHING ELSE THEY COULDN’T FIND A CATEGORY FOR.

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We Are Family: Top Three Dysfuntional Relations

4 Feb

All right, all right, I know some of you loyal readers out there are going to accuse me of being a pony with only a handful of tricks to my name, and I’d probably agree with you if I cared at all for having my job explained to me by the people who return day after day despite their griping about recycled jokes and tired content and MS Paint. But I have to say this three-part blog template is vastly preferable to rattling on ad nauseum for two or three thousand words about the same story, and if you search your feelings, young Padawan, I’m sure you’ll come around to my way of thinking.

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