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Commercial Break. (An SoA Guest Post)

17 Nov

My dear readers, you may have noticed a trend here at State of Affairs lately: namely, guest blogs.  The fact is I’ve had less and less time to devote to the blog over the last few months for a variety of reasons (only a few of which I’m able to talk about), but despite my inability to update, we have come too far together for me to abandon you and my precious webspace to internet anonymity.  So I pick the best and the brightest of my Correspondents to fill in for me during this tumultuous time.  Among my favourite bloggers on the interwebs is my good friend Lu Galasso from Inching Towards Mediocrity who has been featured here at SoA in the past, and he’s kindly agreed to fill in another of his famous Best Of Lists for today’s installment.  Take it away Lu!

(Not Lu Galasso).

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Arkans-Law: Legislature Changes Address Only Symptoms

4 Aug

Welcome back readers; I hope this lovely Tuesday morning finds you rested and refreshed from your long weekend (if you’re Canadian at least) because I’ve got some serious shit to talk about this morning: namely, the law.

sylvester stallone judge dredd

Every morning I scan the internet headlines for interesting stuff to talk about. The stuff that catches my eye is usually one of two types: silly or frightening. Sometimes it’s both – today is one of those times.

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