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The Return of Jim Fairthorne

20 Oct

Guess what folks. I’M BACK. It’s time to rock this fucker with a sledge hammer. As you’ve already seen, I’m making some ascetic changes. I will give a full report once I’m satisfied, but I will give you a taste of what has happened…The compound has been burned to the ground. Not gonna say how, but I will illustrate with a picture:

Stay tuned

Business As Usual: Men At Work Sued For Rights To “Land Down Under”

8 Feb

Another week gone, another week started, my dear readers, and at the cusp of this one I’ve got a treat for you.  Longtime Correspondent and friend of the blog Jo Fergus of Environauts and ThumbShift has graciously agreed to come on board as an Official State of Affairs Guest Blogger.  In the interest of giving you something to read that isn’t my shit day in and day out, I’m going to be inviting several friends of the blog to guest write here at the mighty SoA, and Jo has the distinction of being the first of this new wave.  Give it a gander and if you like what he has to say, go check out where he can usually be found.

So without further ado…
I give you the first-ever Official SoA Guest Blog!

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SOA Update

3 Sep

Hey there folks. It turns out the final installment of the Fan Expo series took me a lot longer to write than I thought it would, and since I have a rehearsal for a show tonight, you’re just going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to read the epic conclusion. In the meantime, here’s a funny video of people falling down to amuse you.

A Message From Jim

23 Jun

I offer this with no further commentary.  Here it is, unedited, from Jim Fairthorne on the front lines.


You can’t really appreciate the comforts of first world life until you’ve gone without for any extended period of time.  It’s amazing how fast you start looking like a hobo when you literally have nothing.  I haven’t showered, and have been coughing up blood after my decision to bathe in the Sungai Langat outside of Kuala Lumpur.  Reality really starts to sink in when you see your first pile of feces and dead rats floating by you as you clean your pits.

I’ve made my way to Bangkok, hitch hiking my way up the coast.  I didn’t know what the word destitute meant until I came to this country.  The roadside is littered with cows and Coca Cola advertisements, so much so that people have made little huts out of the billboards.  They look ate me with hate and wonder at the same time.  It’s surprising that I even got a ride.  Each time I’m picked up, I get the same look of pity.  It’s not too often that they see a foreigner that looks like a bum.  I guess it doesn’t help that I smell like Toronto during a garbage strike.