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Business As Usual: Men At Work Sued For Rights To “Land Down Under”

8 Feb

Another week gone, another week started, my dear readers, and at the cusp of this one I’ve got a treat for you.  Longtime Correspondent and friend of the blog Jo Fergus of Environauts and ThumbShift has graciously agreed to come on board as an Official State of Affairs Guest Blogger.  In the interest of giving you something to read that isn’t my shit day in and day out, I’m going to be inviting several friends of the blog to guest write here at the mighty SoA, and Jo has the distinction of being the first of this new wave.  Give it a gander and if you like what he has to say, go check out where he can usually be found.

So without further ado…
I give you the first-ever Official SoA Guest Blog!

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YouTube, MeTube, ThemTube, WeTube

21 Jul

As a musician, one of the most valuable online tools at my disposal is YouTube. I play with a lot of different people, several of which in cover-band outfits (think bar bands, not tribute bands for the love of God), and if I have to learn some obscure Eagles tune to play on a Friday night at the local watering hole, the easiest way for me to get the chord changes and harmonies down is to check out a live version on the video-sharing site. This accomplishes two goals: first, I can learn the chords by sight instead of trying to decode some wannabe rock star’s barely-decipherable tabulature; second, I don’t have to illegally download or otherwise purchase the song to learn by ear. This is to say nothing of the fact that I’ve found some really awesome bootlegged footage of great live performances…I don’t think any artist fully duplicates a live show, so it’s fantastic to see a unique and truly special moment in time captured on film.

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When is piracy not terrorism?

19 Dec

Yo Ho Ho

CNN – Pirates to receive millions in ransom for release of arms ship

How have pirates become so powerful that the governments of the world are giving  them ransom money? People do realize that things like this will not only legitimize these Somali pirates in the eyes of their countrymen, but will now give birth to piracy everywhere.

What happened to the saying “We don’t negotiate with terrorists?” Or was that just in the movies? Pirates are just terrorists on boats. Why not send some navy SEALS to perform a rescue mission? Or perhaps that’s the plan……?

All I can think about when I read this is Iran-Contra. Look how that turned out. How Hezbollah is a legitimate entity in the Lebonese government. If Somali pirates actually score $20 million, I wonder how quickly they are going to be running the country.