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A Book To Help You Reevaluate Your Crappy Job

20 Jan

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a job they enjoy as much as I enjoy mine.  Yes, in addition to my responsibilities as Prince of the Internet, I extend my considerable talents into multiple fields: I also operate as a freelance writer and editor-for-hire, a sometime roadie and a moonlighting musician.  It’s not so glamorous as it sounds, but I do know a lot of you, dear readers, would probably skin somebody alive for the chance to pursue the things you love to do, so many of you would count me blessed to do what I love every day.

My question to you is this: why aren’t you doing the same thing?

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Canadian Hero Fund: Supporting Veterans

5 Nov

Hello friends.  It’s been far too long since we had one of our little chats, and for that I’m deeply sorry.  State of Affairs isn’t defunct, but we’re in a period of serious change, and as a result my myriad responsibilities as Prince of the Internet have taken me elsewhere and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  With that said, I’m going to make more of an effort to keep content coming on SoA, either personally or courtesy of my network of Correspondents in the form of guest blogs.  Thanks for your patience; I really do appreciate it.

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Food For Thought

28 May

Oh, my poor maligned readers.  Please feel free to forward all your hate mail to dealing with my absurdly long leave of absence.  I promise there’s a good excuse, even though I can’t really put my finger on what it is.  I have a very detailed article coming up about my recent foray to Merry Olde England, but it’s taking me way longer than I wanted it to, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to soldier on a little longer without your daily dose of Uncle Alex.

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Mississippi Plays Find The Prom With Lesbian Student

9 Apr

Time to put the kids to bed and forgo the usual pasty preamble, my dear readers, because I’m going to get right into it today.

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Ann Coulter Accidentally Says Something Smart, Sort Of

29 Mar

Seven days. Seven entire days with absolutely nothing to write about. Oh, I’m sure I could have found something, but frankly nothing really tickled my fancy, so I spent some time doing guest posts at Turning Down The Suck instead.

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Oddly Enough in March: State of Affairs Weird Stories Roundup

3 Mar

Blech. I woke up this morning with the unpleasant taste of patriotism in my mouth thanks to Monday’s sanctimonious post about the Olympics, so I immediately started looking for something more palatable to write about today. Thankfully, Correspondents James Herbert and Diana Poulsen came through for me with three stories generously spiced with my favourite palate-cleansers: jaw-dropping confusion and unadulterated rage. So let’s not waste your time, or mine:

Oh, the Sexy, Sexy French

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When In Doubt, Ban It: Why That Doesn’t Work

1 Feb

If there’s one thing that discourages social disobedience more than anything else, it’s got to be banning objectionable material. Banning works like a charm! People immediately kowtow to authorities telling them what to think, don’t they? Isn’t that how it works? Certainly not, because if it did, there’d have been no need for history’s greatest enforcers of “because I said so” – the Gestapo, the KGB and the Department of Homeland Security.

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