About State of Affairs


State of Affairs is the brainchild of Toronto-born Philly native Jim Fairthorne: amateur historian, political commentator and aspiring Gonzo journalist.

jim fairthorne

Fairthorne started the blog under suspicious circumstances, but since December of 2008 he has been bringing his unique take on politics, religion, music, and all things noteworthy, to the world wide web. In his own words,

“My goal is to (hopefully) invigorate my peers to join me in bringing some common sense to the madness.”

In June of 2009, Jim officially transferred the captaincy of State of Affairs to his friend and longtime co-conspirator, Alex James.

alex james state of affairs

James, a noted social commentator with an honours degree in criticism and a penchant for cynicism, currently brings his signature blend of humour and vitriol to SOA five to seven days a week, and plans to do so well into the forseeable future.  He can be reached for comment at alexjames@state-of-affairs.com.

Together with his correspondents in Toronto and beyond, Alex will continue to question, deconstruct and poke fun at everything worth mentioning well into the foreseeable future.

Copyright © SOA/MTHIRTY

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