Genocide and Jesus

27 Jun

Folks, I’m not going to lie when I say a lot of things piss me off about the world.  Everywhere you look things are getting worse.  I’m not trying to be pessimistic, it’s just the way things are.  War, famine, insane natural disasters, the butchering of the ending of Lost.  It’s hard not to wonder how we’re going to make it to the next century.  If we do, it’s going to take some serious cognitive reformations before anything changes.

Now before we get into some serious existential discussion about the meaning of life, I want to talk about what’s on the top of my list that needs to be dismantled: religion.  In all seriousness, how has organized religion ever done anything other than increase the size of the vatican’s purse?  Although I could go on a rant for days about it, I’ll let Saint Carlin do it for me:

So what does this have to do with genocide?  Last week CNN reported that FINALLY an ex-minister from Rwanda was found guilty of genocide and is now going to rot in a prison cell for the rest of her life.  There was a couple of things I found interesting about this article.  First, not only did this woman help orchestrate the killings of around 800,000 people, but put her son in charge of the militia to carry it out.  Not only did she tell him to wipe everyone out, but to rape and haze as well.  That’s some seriously good parenting.  Second, apparently not one, but THREE Catholic nuns were in on the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda.  Nuns.  Seriously.

When I hear something like this, normally I’m shocked- but this time I’m not.  Why?  Because it seems like any time that there’s a mass group of people being slaughtered (and I’m talking about serious masses: see Hitler), Catholic clergy are somehow involved.  They might not have planned it but they sure to flock to it like moths to a porch light.

Whether it’s working with the Nazi’s or getting off with some 10 year old, the clergy really know how to rock and roll and get away with it. Well sort of, the Vatican has spent close to 3 billion dollars in legal fees defending papal perverts. Read that article, it also shows that the Vatican has known about sexual abuse in the church since the 50s (on paper). I’m sure they’ve known the whole time. That’s what happens when you start a religion and then tell the leaders they can’t have sex.

So what I really want to know is how can an organization that has so much bad press attached to it can have any credibility at all. I’m not going to bother with the God side of this, but as a humanitarian group (which Jesus instructed them to be first and foremost), the Catholic church really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Imagine you’re a Tutsi in Rwanda in ’94 and go a hospital run by 3 nuns. Instead of getting the help of women working for God, you instead get taken out back and mostly likely have your limbs cut off before being murdered. Oh, and if you were a woman, you would be publicly raped and then dismembered. No joke. Estimates that there were between 250,000 and 500,000 women and children that were raped in a period of about 3 months. Meanwhile, in another part of the country, a Roman Catholic priest ordered the death of 2,000 Tutsis trying to seek refuge in his church.

But what does it matter to the Vatican? In 1965, Time magazine estimated that the Vatican was worth 15 billion dollars. Taking inflation into account, that’s around 100 billion. That was in 1965. Now the total members of the church as gone from 645 million in 1970 to 1.16 billion in 2008 and the church is actually screwed because of it. In fact, in the 80s, the Vatican announced they were broke. Despite the fact they don’t pay taxes and receive millions in donations a year, they are running on a deficit. But it doesn’t matter. If you’re a believer it doesn’t matter what the church does. The pope has a direct phone line to the almighty and what him and his cronies say becomes dogma. Who’s to let a little genocide and financial instability stand in the way of God’s work? Me.

There’s going to be a new feature on State of Affairs- Church Watch. Any time these yahoos do anything, yours truly will be raking their feet over the fire, much like they did to women during the inquisition. It’s time for your day of reckoning. There’s only so long you can holy on those rosary beads before they rip apart.

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