State of Affairs LIVE featuring Ms. Satan

19 Feb

You love me; you really do.

Or, at least, you don’t have much else to do than continue coming back to my little corner of the internet to revel in my stunning wit and razor-sharp commentary. Or something.

But when you speak, Uncle Alex listens, and you spoke rather highly of the first episode of the experimental but soon-to-be-regular State of Affairs LIVE podcast. In case you missed the first one, featuring Brent and Adam of Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff, you can find it in two parts: Part One is located here, and Part Two is located here.

Given how much you seemed to enjoy listening to me – as much as you enjoy reading me, apparently – I’ve decided to make SoA LIVE a monthly feature. Luckily, I happen to have as many connections in the real world as I do in cyberspace, so Episode 2 is going to be a treat (and far less disappointing than a certain film of the same denomination – and I promise I’m posting it for reasons other than selling toys and franchise merchandise).

And when I say “treat”, I mean “treat”. I managed to sucker budding internet personality Ms. Satan into coming out of her underground lair and joining me at Second Cup for coffee and a chat, which I had the wherewithal to record, and will now present to you. Ms. Satan is known across the internet landscape and beyond: in addition to running her own blog and hosting a bar-based karaoke night in Toronto, she’s also a veteran performer in the Bloor Theater Shadow Cats production of REPO: The Genetic Opera, and can frequently be found titillating the masses on her BlogTV show “Bed, Beer and Beyond”.

Contrary to her name, Ms. Satan is a genuinely lovely woman who answered all of my questions with her trademark wit and joie-de-vivre, as well as pimping the shit out of State of Affairs on my behalf (and I didn’t even need to bribe her with blood sacrifices!)

Here’s the downloadable link:

State of Affairs LIVE Episode 2

I urge you to check it out over the weekend when you’ve really got nothing better to do while nursing a Caesar to chase away the hangover.

If you want to locate the venerable Ms. S online, here’s a list of her available locations. She assures me that if you’re reasonably cool, she will probably talk to you. But only probably. I make no guarantees.

Bed, Beer and Beyond

Ms. Satan on Facebook

Ms. Satan on Twitter

The Official REPOfan Web Radio Show

And here is the link to her latest blog, featuring a shameless State of Affairs plug!

Now go enjoy yourselves. You’ve earned it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apologies for the ambient noise on this episode; contrary to popular belief, coffee shops are remarkably loud. Thanks to Rory McCombe for his digital clean-up work, and for the BRAND NEW STATE OF AFFAIRS LOGO that’s he’s designed. He also designs other things; you should really check out his online portfolio. Trust me; you’ll be impressed.

One Response to “State of Affairs LIVE featuring Ms. Satan”

  1. Peaches February 19, 2010 at 4:49 PM #

    Awesome– I fucking LOVE MsSatan. Thanks for sharing. :D

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