12 Jan

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been hinting at this for some time now, and I’m sure many of you lost considerable sleep upon seeing this message when you dropped by for your daily dose of rage:

But I couldn’t very well get all premature on you and drop the New And Improved State of Affairs without ensuring that everything was in place first. So, I beg your forgiveness for three days’ worth of SoA withdrawal. Hopefully you’ll feel as I do – that it was well worth the wait.

On behalf of myself and my team of Correspondents (and, I suppose, Jim as well), I welcome you to State of Affairs Version 2.0 – all the ragey goodness you’ve come to expect in a brand-new package and at a brand-new URL! I trust the new address will make it easier for you to Tell Your Friends, not to mention solidifying my role as Commander-in-Chief (a role I’ve filled for nearly six months – frankly I was getting tired of seeing that shifty Fairthorne’s name on everything I do).

Now that we’re back up and running again, I can finally let you, my faithful readers, in on some of the exciting stuff coming down the pipeline at SoA headquarters.

In addition to the witty repartee you’ve come to expect from yours truly, you can expect to see some SoA-caliber guest blogs courtesy of my network of Correspondents the world over, including more social commentary from the ever-clever Lu Galasso at Inching Towards Mediocrity, a dose of conscience from resident environmental experts Skyler Hype of Envirogy and Patrick Aizen of Enviralment, sometimes-snooty but always-amusing commentary courtesy of Julian from Comedy Landfill, and much, much more. Any of my other Correspondents interested in weighing in on topics are welcome to contact me at our shiny new email provider, Give it 48 hours though; WordPress has informed me it will take Google that long to organize my new host.

In addition, I’ve come to a decision – it’s all well and good for me to sit in relative anonymity behind this computer screen, spouting overreaching opinions and responding to comments as I see fit, but it’ time for that to change. New this year to State of Affairs, I will be building on the foundation I created with such adventures as the London Poetry Slam and the New Quarterly Launch and venturing out into the community to try out some of that “real-life interaction” I’ve heard so much about.

Pursuant to this objective, State of Affairs will be introducing a monthly podcast that will spotlight the most talented, creative and otherwise opinionated individuals the internet has to offer (at least, the ones who will agree to talk to me). These podcasts will take the form of a 45 minute audio show available for streaming through the site – for those of you who wonder what I sound like in person, you’re about to find out (don’t hold your breath: my voice isn’t nearly as sexy as my prose). The first of these podcasts will be taking place on Monday, January 25th, featuring long-time friends of the blog and nerd-culture gurus Adam and Brent of the often-linked Two A$$holes Talking About Nerd Stuff. These guys are making major waves in the geek community, and my job will be to find out why – so be sure to tune in.

There’s more coming your way this year than I can accurately foretell right now, but if I gave it all away right now, you’d have nothing to look forward to. And it’s been said anticipation makes the heart grow fonder – so if my absence didn’t engender fondness, maybe your anticipation will. I hope.

There you have it folks; only two weeks into the brand-new decade and the future is already looking bright. Thanks to all of you for coming back day after day; without you none of this would be possible. I for one am genuinely looking forward to spending 2010 with each of you, so be sure to come back and bring your friends. BYOB, if that wasn’t obvious.

And welcome to the New World Affairs.


  1. Eldrick January 12, 2010 at 1:33 PM #

    Well done AJ ! Keep it in the short grass – TW.

  2. dianapoulsen January 13, 2010 at 2:43 PM #

    Grats on the new look. I rejoice.

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