k-os’ New Album Yes! Now Being Released April 14th

31 Mar

So I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning.  The sun was out, the birds were chirping and my girlfriend cooked me breakfast.  I went in to my local record shop to by the new k-os album today, as has been the tradition with every new k-os release, only to find it NOWHERE.  Frantically, I went to the emo kid behind the cash register asking for Yes!  He looked at me with those ‘I just partied all night last night and went home with a tranny’ eyes and said, “uhhh, that’s not coming out until April 14th now.”  APRIL 14TH?????  GOD, HOW HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME????

I went online, and went to k-os’ official site.  Surely I could prove this kid wrong. Alas, with no apology or even real recognition of the push back, in a sentence talking about some promotion, they mention the fact the album is coming out two weeks from now. I even checked out your MySpace page. Nothing there either.

Thanks a lot k-os. You’ve already lowered my expectations of this album. I was holding out, hoping that 4-3-2-1 was just a victim of ‘first single syndrome’, but now I’m really questioning whether or not this will fill my need for quality conscious hip hop.

Anyway, here’s some old k-os to cheer me up. I hope it cheers you up too.

One Response to “k-os’ New Album Yes! Now Being Released April 14th”

  1. Gershtown April 1, 2009 at 12:20 AM #

    Same thing happened to me…it’s a shame the date got pushed back. K-os isn’t even conscious hip hop to me, hes just his own thing. Also, I think this album’s gonna continue the tradition of his music’s upward progression. Just like seekwill, 4321 should just be a taste of what’s really going on on that album.

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