Fines For People Talking Too Loud On The Bus?

3 Feb

From CBC:

Bus rides in the Outaouais could become a little quieter this spring, when the Outaouais Transit Corporation plans to begin reprimanding riders who talk too loudly on their cellphones.

“A simple notice to lower the volume will probably resolve the situation,” said Céline Gauthier, who speaks for the southwestern Quebec transit bus service.

But if riders don’t co-operate, she said, they could soon be asked to leave the bus or could receive a fine from police.

A first offence could cost a loud talker $500 and any fines after that could run up to $1,000.

This is hilarious and sad at the same time. I definitely am one of the people who would love to smother talking their face off at obscene volumes on the phone or punching to death some asshole who is listening to music WITHOUT HEADPHONES, but to fine them? That’s just a little extreme. $1,000 for talking too loud on the phone? It’s not like you’re smoking on the bus. This is a violation of free will. Hell, transit used to be a place where people would actually talk to each other and you could meet new people (pick up women). What are they going to do next, fine people for having loud conversations? What are they going to do about the club crowd on a Saturday night? Fine drunk people for riding the streetcar?

Come on people! This is insanity!

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