Electric Car Network Coming to Toronto

30 Jan

It’s about time to hear something like this coming from my city.

Better Place, the world’s leading mobility operator, today announced a partnership with the government of Ontario to help bring an electric car network to the province and create a model for the adoption of electric cars in Canada. Ontario, which is one of North America’s largest car producing regions, seeks to transition its auto manufacturing sector for future growth from electric vehicle production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

After reporting about San Jose installing plug-in stations around the city, I was wondering when Toronto would come around to doing the same thing. It’s about time. We are in 2009 right? It’s frustrating how slow the world moves sometimes. I really just want to be living in a Jacques Fresco world where I don’t have to worry about money and can just focus on my art- not that I do any art, but it would be nice to know I could. Oh well.

This is a good start, at least, but we need to do more- and fast. Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel like there is this impeding doom that world is going to have to embrace after years of raping the environment. Mother Nature is going to take us over her knee and spank us. It’s only fair. Total retribution for the pain we have caused her over the centuries. I only hope I survive the apocalypse.

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