Obama is Coming to Canada!!!

29 Jan

Today it was announced by the White House that President Barack Obama would be meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper February 19th to discuss the current economic crisis.

This is a great step forward as the relations between our two countries have been badly hurt since Mr. Bush was in the driver’s seat. If people recall, our former PM, Jean Chrétien made Bush like an idiot every chance he got and got busted calling Bush a ‘moron’ while at the UN.

This will definitely be beneficial for both countries. For my American readers, despite Stephen Harper being a conservative, his party’s policies are pretty much in line with the Democrats. We don’t have an ultra-right wingnut party up here, hence why we can enjoy things like universal health care and other social programs without the fear of them being lost to privatization. It’s just not like that up here.

So I’m looking forward to this a lot. Hopefully while Obama is up here he takes a trip to check out Toronto. Regardless of where he is, it’s going to be like the Beatles were here.

Good Times!

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