Mexico On Path To Becoming Bigger Security Threat Than Iraq

20 Jan


From Huffington Post:

MEXICO CITY — Indiscriminate kidnappings. Nearly daily beheadings. Gangs that mock and kill government agents.

This isn’t Iraq or Pakistan. It’s Mexico, which the U.S. government and a growing number of experts say is becoming one of the world’s biggest security risks.

The prospect that America’s southern neighbor could melt into lawlessness provides an unexpected challenge to Barack Obama’s new government. In its latest report anticipating possible global security risks, the U.S. Joint Forces Command lumps Mexico and Pakistan together as being at risk of a “rapid and sudden collapse.”

The alarm is spreading to the private sector as well. Mexico, Latin America’s second biggest economy and the United States’ third biggest oil supplier, is one of the top 10 global risks for 2009 identified by the Eurasia Group, a New York-based consulting firm.

So this doesn’t really seem like that much of a surprise. Mexico has been screwed over ever since the Spanish came in the 16th century and destroyed any sense of identity or civilization. I really thought that Fox had something when he was going to legalize small amounts of drugs in Mexico. There was a really good chance that the drug cartels would be marginalized and that Mexico would be able to prosper. Of course Bush & Co. couldn’t allow that, and now the cartels run the country. What’s the U.S. solution? Build the great wall of America.

Obama better do something quick. He might have a third front to deal with.

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