Living in an ice box

15 Jan

So I’m starting to reget my decision to move back to Canada.  Sure, I do enjoy the liberalism in Toronto, and certainly take pleasure in the fact that no matter how screwed up the U.S. gets, Canada will always be a great place to bring up kids- but it’s fucking cold!  If I were back in Philly, I’d be enjoying a midly cold winter, but oh no, I decided that moving to Toronto during one of the coldest winters in history would be a good idea.  It’s is literally 8 degrees centigrade colder here than it is in Philly- which is only an 8 hour drive south of here.

So what do I do now that I’m living in an ice box?  Rant.  I woke this morning already grumpy because the heating in my building can’t handle the exessive heating requirements my body requires to stay alive, so I’m constantly cold.  Second, the streetcar took half an hour to show up, so I was stuck outside with a thumb up my ass waiting.  Nothing is more infuriating than the puncuality of the Toronto transit system.  It really makes me wish I lived 100 years from now and could enjoy things like a transporter system, or a sky bridge that could connect my building to my work.  It would be nice, but alas, is a pipe dream.  Instead I’m stuck dealing with the cold and the idiots I ride to work with every day.  If I have to hear one more asshole comment about how cold it is I’m going to go ballistic.  One day you’re going to see me running down the street screaming with a flame thrower.   People might enjoy that actually, I’d be doing a public service, keeping people warm and whatnot.

It is just weather, and I should be used to it by now.  I did grow up here after all.  It just feels colder now.  Maybe my body has gotten used to the warmth of the south- and Philly isn’t even that far south.  Being back up here just makes my blood…freeze.  It’s not healthy.  I’m not sure how the inuit do it.  I guess when you’re wearing a seal skin on your back it’s really not that bad.  The only problem is if I did that here Fur-Nazis would be all over my pale white ass.  How can you be expected to survive the deep freeze when you aren’t allowed to wear clothes that would be the norm 50 years ago?  I’m sorry, but faux fur just doesn’t do it for me.  

I suppose that I can take comfort in the fact that global warming will turn this winter wonderland into a tropical paradise, only it’s taking way longer than Al Gore predicted.

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