Track your energy consumption with WattzOn

7 Jan


WattzOn is a free online tool to quantify, track, compare and understand the total amount of energy needed to support all of the facets of your lifestyle with the goal of helping you find ways to reduce your personal power consumption.

What’s interesting is how much energy is actually consumed by your country to keep things going.  According to the site, the average visitor’s power cosumption is 6,185W and our government is using more than that alone.  Now that may account for things like public transportation, etc., but it does explain why we’re one of the biggest energy consumers per capita (one one of the biggest polluters).

Anyway, I didn’t do too bad – 8,655W.  That’s not bad considering what my number started as.

Check out the site and find out how much power you use. It’s a great way to keep track on your carbon foot print.

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