Israel & Gaza – Will the Madness ever end?

5 Jan

Before I say anything, here’s an interview from 2006 with British Respect MP George Galloway to put things in context:

The Zionist movement and creation of Israel is a lot like the American Manifest Destiny. Land given by God which turns into total control of the region. It worked out a little better for the Americans, I think. Natives didn’t have rockets and semi automatic weapons. I thought that Israel and Hamas were supposed to be working out a peace agreement. Wasn’t that going to be the thing that turned Bush’s legacy around?

I’m not even sure if Hamas wants peace at this point. Once the ceasefire expired on December 19th, the rocketing of Israeli towns resumed. Is there really any rhyme or reason for it at this point? One can cite many points in history where the conflict has originated, from the crusades to the creation of Israel. The fact remains. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world. With an unemployment rate of 40%, massive economic sanctions, and its borders sealed, the boiling pot is leaking over again.

It’s estimated that around 500 people have already died since attacks have resumed on both sides, and now that the Israeli military is moving into Gaza, we are looking at another occupation and more death. So when is the international community going to step in? The last time U.N. Peacekeepers had a real mission was in Bosnia. Why aren’t they being used anymore? They weren’t used in during the Russia-Georgia conflict either. Has the U.N. become so ineffective that the security council doesn’t care to use their military to actually make a difference? Or, do they want the Palestinians to die?

Obama has his work cut out for him if he really wants to be a voice of change in this world…

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